Nyx in Flight

This sculpture was started before COVID. Before bats were front and center. But you probably have never seen a bat like her.

I struggled a lot with this piece. I originally thought that she would have an outfit like Vampirella, from the comics. That did not work out at all. And when it came to doing the patina, I again had to do that twice. The first version had red in the wings and that also didn’t work.

Nyx in Flight

And then there was the challenge of working with a model when we couldn’t be in the same room. So she ended up sending me photos, which are a poor substitute for having a model in the room where you can walk around her. And at the last minute, the model cut her hand and needed stitches and had a big bandage on her hand. In that case I just laughed and sent her an early photo of the sculpture so she could see the “hands.” No problem there.


Nyx is a heavy piece weighing in a little over 10 kg or 23 lbs. She is roughly 24 by 16 inches. She is suspended by 70 lb test fishing line from the two “hands” on the wings and, optionally, from her tail. It works out pretty well, but one has to be careful with safety issues. Nyx is an edition of 15



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